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Lessons in Personal Power and Purpose

Last week I had the pleasure to visit the animal sanctuary Lions, Tigers & Bears, in Alpine. As a shamanic practitioner, and deeply feeling individual, I was moved by the stories of the animals who have reached this highly accredited facility, often after suffering unimaginably cruel conditions at the hands of people trading in exotic pets.
I got the rare and breathtaking honor of being just a couple of feet from some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring land predators; and, even got an opportunity to feed one (through a fence and via a long pole of course!).

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Choose from Countless New Beginnings!

Recently the comedy site reminded me of how much I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. Remember those? The books where you got to be the hero of the story, and actually choose which path you took along the journey. Sure, a good chunk of those choices led you to some strange and untimely deaths. May that be a lesson to you kids! Your choices have real life consequences...

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The Body of the Goddess, Revealed....

Sometimes the Universe/Spirit/God (insert what jives for you here) asks us to do things that are pretty inconvenient. Of course, we don’t have to do it. Free will is a beautiful thing, and it allows us just as much latitude to do wild and amazing things as it does to do absolutely nothing.

Now, I’ve learned to recognize the sensation of following a trail of magical synchronistic breadcrumbs to somewhere awesome. It was totally inconvenient that these cosmic breadcrumbs led to a school in Northern California for my hypnotherapy and shamanic training. But it could have been a lot more inconvenient, so I sucked it up and thanked Spirit for showing me the way forward.

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