Hello Darkness, my old friend...

Ok… so I know I said my next blog post would be about theories on how and why past life regression works, whether you believe in past lives or not. And that one’s on it’s way, I promise.

But here we are, on the shortest day of the year, about to step into the longest night of the year, under the dark of the new moon. And I got to thinking about darkness.

Darkness sure gets a bad wrap.

But some really memorable movie parts... 

And why?

Maybe because things can hide in it. Think back on most of the scary movies and stories you know. Werewolves emerge in the night, vampires go back into hiding with the rising of the sun.

Is there some sophisticated commentary on the Shadow here that I failed to notice before?

For the most part, it’s the monsters that walk around under the cloak of darkness. And all of the goodness in the world is attributed to the Light. Maybe it’s our nature as humans, to see things in that kind of dualism. Binary ones and zeros. Black or white. This or that.

Part of what drew me to shamanism, and to transpersonal hypnotherapy is that both of these paths and perspectives dont deny or seek separation from the darkness within our human and spiritual experience. If All is One (and I believe it is), then guess what? The darkness is God too. The deepest darkness is as sacred as the brightest light.

Darkness is the void of space between stars.

Darkness is the fertile soil of the Earth from which all life grows.

Darkness is the silent inner workings of each small seed which holds the template of the greatest trees

Darkness is the womb from which we came, and the womb into which we will return upon the end of our life.

There’s darkness in me too. This week alone, my shadow has shown itself through anger…. fear… mistrust… It has also been the cloak which obscures some of my greatest gifts. My own power has been so frightening that it lurks like the most terrifying monster in the night.

That’s just the truth.

And when I let myself face it, look it squarely in the eyes and love it, not despite it’s nature, but because of it - that’s when I’m a magician. Thats when I’m truly an alchemist, turning lead into gold. That’s when I remember that I really am whole.

Alchemy: An integrative science

Alchemy: An integrative science

And then I get tickled with excitement that I have the honor of guiding others in that work. 

So go ahead. Light a candle to honor the spark of your Divine Light this long Solstice night. But - if you're willing and ready for some interesting company - pull up a chair for your darkness as well. Let it come and sit by the fire, and share it's wisdom. It's probably got a great story or two. 

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