Past Life Regression

For those who are interested in exploring beyond the boundaries of this lifetime to understand and unravel the karmic core of their present life situations, past life regression is a powerful and effective therapeutic modality with many applications. 

You do not need to believe in past lives and reincarnation in order for Past Life Regression Therapy to be an effective therapeutic method for you. Read my blog for information on the various theories behind regression therapy.

Uses for Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Relationship issue with a specific person/family system, etc

  • Repeating life patterns (ie in relationship, work, or anything else)

  • Health Issues such as chronic pain and chronic illness

  • Medical conditions that cant be diagnosed

  • Grief, loss and dying

  • Life purpose

  • Skill enhancement

  • Issues or questions of Spirituality

  • Fears and phobias

  • Obsessions

  • The big “Why me?” question (“Why did this happen?” “Why does this always happen?” and every other permutation…)

What to Expect During Your Session

~ Together, we will set a clear focus for your regression that is aligned with your healing goals. This clear intention is a powerful guiding force to support you in accessing the past life that is most relivent to helping you understand and process your current life issues.

~ Within the regression, you will access information through the "language" your subconscious uses to communicate with you. Some people have clear images come through; however, more often clients report receiving information through a variety of senses, or simply an inner knowing. 

~ You will be guided to explore the relivent events and relationships of one ore more past lives that relate to your issue.

~ Thoughts, feelings and impressions at the final moments of life are often the seeds of the karma you take with you into your next life. You will be gently guided through the death process of the past life, in order to explore and process any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "residue" that you have carried over from that life into your current life. 

~ You will visit the Inter-life - the space between lives where you will have access to a "Higher Self" perspective on the lessons of your past life; and gain an understanding of the plan you created for your current incarnation. 

~ Once the regression is complete, you will have space to process what you experienced for deeper self-reflection.