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Choose from Countless New Beginnings!

Recently the comedy site reminded me of how much I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. Remember those? The books where you got to be the hero of the story, and actually choose which path you took along the journey. Sure, a good chunk of those choices led you to some strange and untimely deaths. May that be a lesson to you kids! Your choices have real life consequences...

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Unmasking the Past

I still remember my first exposure to hypnosis. It was a hot summer day in San Diego, and my best friend and I were reveling in the glory and pregnant possibility of the transition between middle school and high school. Somehow we gotten our hands on a book of hypnosis scripts.  Being the slightly off-beat teenagers that we were, we secreted ourselves away in her warm upstairs bedroom to see if we could regress one another into past lives and see what other lifetimes we had spent together.

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