~ Healing Your Inner Child ~

Special Package

Your Inner Child is part of you. And even with the most picture-perfect childhood and supportive family system (if you can imagine those things), that Inner Child can be activated and take the wheel of our life in the most inopportune times and unhelpful ways. Like that time you had a much bigger reaction than a situation warranted - perhaps a wave of shame or fear of abandonment triggered by the words or actions of a friend or even a colleague.

Like any child, your Inner Child has needs - love, safety, acceptance of who they are, healthy boundaries, space to express their emotions, supportive role models, the freedom to play and learn, and more!

How would your life be different if you had had those needs met, consistently? While you may not be able to change the past, you can learn to be a healthy and supportive parent to yourself now. And through the magical power of the unconscious mind, imagination, and some handy practical tools, you can not only support and heal your Inner Child, but also experience that healing ripple into your adult self.

In this 6 session package (sessions are 75 minutes), you will:

  • Connect and build a healthy relationship with your Inner Child which will anchor you more deeply into safety, play and curiosity.

  • Create a supportive Inner Family for your Inner Child

  • Recognize when your Inner Child is running the show, and learn tools on how to respond

  • Learn to understand the needs of your Inner Child and act on their behalf

  • Identify the ways you’re already parenting yourself; and, develop other qualities to become the parent you always needed

  • Explore healthy boundaries

Investment: $595