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Lessons on Self-Love & Entitlement from The Neighborhood

Recently, I had the immense pleasure of leading a couple Inner Child healing groups. In two separate weeks, we established an inner Nurturing Mother and Supportive Father - archetypal forces that represent the healthiest expression of parents to support their inner Little One. These helpers included all the most supportive elements of their actual parents, in addition to other qualities they identified their Inner Child needed.

In the midst of that process, I was delighted to learn that Wont You Be My Neighbor, a documentary about Fred Rogers, would be coming out right around the completion of our group.

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Choose from Countless New Beginnings!

Recently the comedy site reminded me of how much I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. Remember those? The books where you got to be the hero of the story, and actually choose which path you took along the journey. Sure, a good chunk of those choices led you to some strange and untimely deaths. May that be a lesson to you kids! Your choices have real life consequences...

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