What is Hypnotherapy

Remember the last time you were so pulled in by a movie that you found yourself crying when something sad happened to a character? Or when a friend was telling a story so vividly that you could see it unfold in your mind's eye, almost as though you were right there.

That's hypnosis. And it's actually a very common and natural state for human beings. We go in and out of trance all the time. Every time we use our imagination, when we get really focused on something and forget about the world around us, or even when we zone out while driving. 

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method in which hypnosis or trance - a focused and expansive state of awareness -  is used to empower you around your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Your conscious and analytical mind is very limited. It’s an essential part of who we are, and is wonderful at certain kinds of tasks, but controls only 10% of our mental capacity! However, the unconscious mind is limitless and creative. It governs and directs 90% of processes in our mind and body, including emotional responses and deeply rooted beliefs. Through hypnotherapy, we work with your unconscious mind to break through mental and emotional blocks, generate creative ideas for achieving your goals, anchor more positive beliefs and emotional states, and provide inner resources that will help you reach your fullest potential.

Together we will craft a healing path forward that is in alignment with the transformation that you’re seeking.

How it can Benefit You

You’ve been trying to solve your problem with your conscious mind - with only 10% of your mental capacity. No wonder you might be feeling stuck in old patterns!

Hypnotherapy can create lasting transformation on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. One of the primary benefits you will experience is a greater sense of control and empowerment around your thoughts and emotions. Rather than being reactive to the world, you will learn to be responsive, and navigate day to day life with greater calm, ease and confidence.

Through accessing the limitless and resourceful unconscious mind, you can experience rapid and long lasting improvement, relief or resolution in the areas of:


~ Fears & phobias ~






~ Intuitive & Creative Development ~

~ Insomnia ~

~ And so much more... ~

~ Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression ~

~ Stress Relief ~ 

~ Overcoming Trauma or Abuse ~

~ Self Esteem & Self Worth ~

~ Connection to Life Purpose ~

~ Smoking Cessation ~

~ Weight & eating issues ~


~Post traumatic stress ~

~Skill Enhancement ~