The Body of the Goddess, Revealed....

Sometimes the Universe/Spirit/God (insert what jives for you here) asks us to do things that are pretty inconvenient. Of course, we don’t have to do it. Free will is a beautiful thing, and it allows us just as much latitude to do wild and amazing things as it does to do absolutely nothing.

Now, I’ve learned to recognize the sensation of following a trail of magical synchronistic breadcrumbs to somewhere awesome. It was totally inconvenient that these cosmic breadcrumbs led to a school in Northern California for my hypnotherapy and shamanic training. But it could have been a lot more inconvenient, so I sucked it up and thanked Spirit for showing me the way forward.

In my adventures up north, I had the blessing of long stretches of time for solitary exploration. One of my favorite places to frequent was Muir Woods. I would quickly make my way through the surprisingly busy sea of visitors in the valley and find one of the paths that took me up into the hills. The higher I climbed, the fewer travelers I passed, until finally it was just me on the quiet path winding through the giant trees, listening to the breeze, and delighting in the little ping-pong ball shaped birds and the occasional squirrel. I was both awesomely insignificant and intricately woven into the fabric of everything around me. And I was reminded so viscerally of the sacredness of nature, and it’s power to support, nourish and heal us, if we allow it.

Sitting on a massive tree root and opening up to healing, this is the reflection that came through me on one of those treks...


shallow roots exposed along the path

worn smooth and shining by the souls

of countless pilgrims to the Wild

do they recognize the temple they are seeking?

in the dappled, shifting light

in the rich, moist shadows

do they leave their offerings to

the old gods of this place who

sleep, nestled in the roots of trees, who

laugh through the beaks of ravens, who

shapeshift from delicate yellow bird to

tumbling leaf on the wind to

obsidian eyed doe nibbling clover to

silence to

the line of ants marching solemnly through

the towering peaks and deep sunken valleys of

moss blanketed redwood bark

and these unknowing pilgrims, do they

listen to the rhythm of their feet,

the syncopated beating of their hearts,

their breath,

sinking gently into trance and passing

through the thin veil that can take them

back through time and into

the timeless

and miles, hours, eons down the path

their boots have fallen off

their feet, now calloused ~ as smooth and hard

as the roots and stones beneath them

their hair grown long and woven

with twigs and flowers

the bones of their ancestors

strung from their necks

do they remember their names

their jobs

their obligation

their carefully planned futures

their disappointing pasts?

do any of these things exists in those unknown moments,

pausing to regain their breath

and drink a sip of silvery water to

quench their incomprehensible thirst?

then, a word carves the silence of the temple

in two

the spell is broken

language returns in a torrent

time rushes forward and backward to meet them

will they remember?

the body of the goddess herself

revealed to them in the spaces between

stillness and movement

light and shadow

sound and silence

inhale and exhale

will they remember?


In transpersonal hypnotherapy and shamanism, we often call on different aspects of nature to receive wisdom, healing or internal resourcing. What does the tree have to share with us about being grounded? How can the tides of the ocean support us letting our emotions flow freely? I’ve found that everyone can conjure up a place in nature where they feel safe and calm. And in those places - whether they truly exist somewhere on our beautiful Earth, or were a creation from a person’s subconscious - profound healing can happen.

So even in the moments where you might feel profoundly alone, remember that the Earth is with you, holding you. She is the one that is always there, consistently, non-judgmentally and with all she has. You dont have to journey far - She's right in your back yard, or city park, waiting for you to make the pilgrimage back to her, and back to yourself. 

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