What is Shamanism? 

Shamanism, in one form or another, is one of the most ancient spiritual paths, practiced by people across every continent of our world, throughout time. While there are as many separate shamanic traditions as there are tribes or communities, at it's core, the shamanic path is one that acknowledges the interconnection of all things; the presence of helping spirits who can support us on our journey; and reverence for the Earth as our provider. 

In a sense, shamans and medicine men & women were the first "hypnotherapists," in that they accessed trance states in order to provide healing or guidance for their tribes and communities. 

How Can It Benefit You?

Shamanic healing provides intervention at the energetic level, which holds the blueprint for the rest of our beingness. When we address wounds or blocks at the energetic level, that healing filter down to our mental, emotional and even physical reality. Shamanic energy healing can support you to:

  • Release old victim mentality and step into your Hero Self
  • Connect to Spirit Guides & Power Animals
  • Release blocks or intrusions in your energy system
  • Align with your soul's purpose and destiny path
  • Heal core wounding from this life and past lives
  • Rewrite or release outdated soul agreements or contracts
  • Reconnect to your vital energetic essence

What to Expect

Your shamanic healing session is as unique as the landscape of your soul. It begins with an smudging, or energy clearing using sacred herbs. After opening sacred space and invoking the support and protection of my Guides, we will take some time to discuss what you'd like to focus on. Then, you will rest in receptivity on a massage table while I offer a blending of gentle energy work, sound/vibrational healing, drum washing using my Reiki attuned shamanic drum, and journey on your behalf to retrieve soul parts, power animals, etc. I will work with the helping spirits on your behalf to release any blocks in your energy field, and realign your energy matrix in support of your stated goals. I will then share with you any pertinent information that came through within the shamanic journey. 

Shamanic Mentorship & Training

Shamanism is considered a path of direct revelation, in which each individual can build relationship with their helping spirits in order to receive guidance along their path. 

I have designed a 9 month program that combines personal healing sessions, shamanic mentorship, training in shamanic practices, ceremony and individualized offerings for those interested in deepening in their spiritual path through shamanism. Feeling the call?