You are freakishly good at seeing the ‘truth’ a person is wrestling with, and holding it with the upmost compassion and love, so it can unfold without judgment
— Sarah K, Expressive Arts Therapist

I seriously used to leave therapy feeling crappier than when I went in. Yesterday and all hypno days, I’ve felt great! It’s magical! I have to use what I learn because it works for me. So again, thank you!
— Lena S, Yoga Instructor & Retreat Leader

I’m in a lot of gratitude right now. It feels so good to release limiting stories! Yes, it’s important for the healer to get healing, too.Thank you, Tess, for the amazing healing session and energy work. The tapping (EFT) was new for me, but I totally could feel the body wisdom activated! Your incredible space holding allowed me to gain a new perspective that really boosted my confidence and inner experience of myself! 
— Jessica N, Shamanic Practitioner

Thank you, Tess, for creating and holding a safe space for a deeply moving experience. Your guidance allowed for effortless passage to inner worlds - it was astonishing how easy it was to slip through! 
— Barbara T, Group Participant

Doing personal healing work can be challenging, but Tess is an excellent guide to help you cut through your own bullshit. I have worked with Tess for several years, through classes and one on one sessions. She has helped me help myself in more ways than I could ever list on Yelp. When I moved to LA she was able to continue to work with me via Skype. I attribute the success if my move, my new business and my amazing relationship to the work I did/do with Tess.
— Lisa D, Hypnotherapist

Let me be honest...I have always been a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy.  But wow, was I wrong about that!  My session with Tess was *beyond* amazing.  She excels at creating a safe healing space. This is precisely what I was searching for - a quality hypnotherapist I could relax and feel comfortable with.  Tess proved to be that person and sooo much more.  She took her time educating me on the process and what I could expect while in trance.  I truly believe this is why I had such a profound experience...because of Tess’ masterful, professional, grounded presence. She knows what she is doing and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to discover wisdom from one’s own psyche.
— Erin L, PhD Student, Transformative Leadership

Thanks again for the session. I feel in peace with myself, more than ever. Thanks for showing me EFT, it’s exactly the tool I needed.  I love the meditation you sent me, I’ll definitely keep doing it for a while.  

Keep shining & spreading love. What you’re doing is a miracle. You’re an angel.
— Karol Ann, French Traveler

I had the immense joy to ask 30 of my team members to take three deep breaths with me and share what they’re grateful for, and their intention for our two-day sales meeting! The vibes in the room were so incredibly positive and enthusiastic!
Mindfulness magic works in the real world too!

Grateful that I get to apply what I’ve learned from some of the best!
— Ingrid J, CEO