Unmasking the Past

I still remember my first exposure to hypnosis. It was a hot summer day in San Diego, and my best friend and I were reveling in the glory and pregnant possibility of the transition between middle school and high school. Somehow we gotten our hands on a book of hypnosis scripts.  Being the slightly off-beat teenagers that we were, we secreted ourselves away in her warm upstairs bedroom to see if we could regress one another into past lives and see what other lifetimes we had spent together. Even then, before I knew the healing potential of this technique, I had the strong impression of it’s potency. Something about it lit up my spirit! Little did I know that this magical and sweet moment between friends, tinged with both the silliness and over-seriousness of early teenage life, would be the seed for some of my life’s work...

Who needs sneaking out to parties when you can past life regress yourself to the roaring 20s?

Past Life Regression sessions are often full of surprises, and can unfold complete with twists you might expect from the most exciting movie or novel. Recently a client wanted to work on a relationship issue with his brother. Fraught with a great deal of pain, and also strong bonds of love and brotherhood, there was definitely plenty of energy present in the dynamic to warrant some attention. So we dove in, holding the intention of discovering what deeper karmic patterns intertwined them on their soul’s journey.

While the drama that unfolded was certainly interesting, I’ll spare you the story because it’s never the story itself that really matters. The story is just the interesting vehicle for what really matters - the energy that’s imprinted on the journeyer, left to be carried around until it’s fully addressed, processed and released. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to be activated in the currently life through, for example, a relationship.

Nearing the end of the session, the client had already gone through the death experience of that past life, and had gone into the Light. He transitioned into the Interlife - that space between lives where we are met by healing guides, have access to the wisdom of our Higher Self for new perspective on the events of the past life, and even the opportunity to connect with the Higher Selves of the others involved in the drama. When it came time, I asked the client if he recognized the other main figure that had shown up in that past life. There was a long silence, the client’s face scrunching slightly as though in confusion. And then came the surprise. “It’s my wife!” 

unmasked, Scooby-Doo style...

Here we were, starting with the relationship between the client and his brother. And where had we landed? Had we taken a wrong turn and somehow gotten his wife in the mix? Had we somehow totally missed the mark?

In hypnotherapy (and especially regression), one of the biggest rules of thumb is: keep things open ended. The moment a practitioner makes assumptions and brings them into the session, they enter dangerous territory of leading the client (albeit often unintentionally). Here was a beautiful example of the power of trusting the client’s Higher Self to lead him just where he needed to go. Keeping open ended language and suggestions, I was excited to find that the client had not just tracked into a relationship with a specific person, but into his own karmic pattern that is triggered and expressed through multiple relationships in this life (with brother, wife, etc), in a variety of forms.

“But I want to know why my father drives me crazy!!” you might be saying. Totally, I hear you! But what if it’s not about your father at all? What if it’s just about you, and you actually just have to deal with your own stuff? (Spoiler alert: that’s pretty much always true anyway). Your father could be among a long line of characters that are giving you one opportunity after another to work out some energetic knot or belief held over from another life (or lives). By turning the focus from the “other” in the equation into our own responsibility, we have the chance of addressing the issue at the root, rather than at one little offshoot. And we might (if we’re lucky) even find a little gratitude for the father who drives us crazy in order to give us the gift of some major karmic resolution.

Our spirits have travelled incredible paths, tracing fractal patterns across time and space, dancing with other beings who support us in our growth towards love, just as we help them. Sometimes we have karma (aka bigtime unfinished business) with a specific person, sometimes we have it with our own self; and, sometimes (often) it’s a beautiful intertwining of both. If you’ve been seeking a different approach to accessing personal healing or healing within a relationship, and are interested in learning more about Past Life Regression Therapy, contact me for a consultation. You dont even have to believe in past lives to receive the benefits of the work! Stay tuned for my next blog post to learn why...

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