Loving More in the Midst of Madness

It's a challenging time for a lot of folks, personally and collectively. Between the relentless natural disasters across the globe and the unimaginable man-made tragedies, it's been one thing after another.

Most of you, like myself, are highly intuitive and deeply feeling individuals. Which means that lately, you probably feel like you've been run over by good ol' fashioned steam engine. Or perhaps like you could start crying and not stop for days. Or, if you let yourself scream, you might lose your voice before you feel complete.

Whatever your beliefs, wherever you sit on the political spectrum, one thing is certain:

Things are intense.

The kind of intensity around which the mind cant wrap itself.

The kind of intensity that breaks hearts.

Luckily, the heart, as fragile as it might seem, has a tremendous capacity to mend stronger than before the break, and to expand beyond what we thought was possible. Likewise, the mind can, with appropriate direction, learn to see in new ways, and lay down new and more supportive patterns.


This week, a past life regression client of mine received a very simple yet profound message from their Higher Self about the purpose of life: Love More. The conscious mind can brush that off with a scoff. "Great, 'love more,' what am I gonna do with that?" But the heart understands.

What person or situation in our lives or in this world wouldn't benefit from our commitment to Love More? How might your life be different today if, every step of the way, those around you had decided to Love More?

I'm not just talking about the soft and squishy kind of love that coddles and coos like a mother to her newborn. That's a sweet love that the baby receives deeply on an unconscious level, soothing her parasympathetic nervous system, and relaxing her to sleep.

There is a place for that love. I'm also talking about the fierce and unrelenting love that can snap you out of carelessness or inaction - like a mama wolf nipping at her cubs when they're about to stray into danger unknowingly. The kind of love that says


I'm talking about all the shades of love that come from the fires of the heart and spirit - fires that can burn away the ego that might otherwise distort that love.

My invitation to you right now is to Love More. Actually, it's an invitation that came through Spirit, to my client (an expression of Spirit), to me (another expression of Spirit), and now to you (yet another unique and glorious expression of Spirit). Please, pass the invitation along. Love it ALL, more.

In support of your heart, and expanding love, I offer you a simple practice, via the audio link below. It's a little something called Heart Coherence - a beautiful practice you can learn about through the Heart Math Institute.

It's 6 minutes and 11 seconds long. Give yourself the gift of that time to connect to your heart, and help get your mind synched up to a more resourceful state. And then take that expanded heart and let it overflow some love into the world around you. It's needed.

With (More) Love,



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