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Past Life Regression Group

  • Riffs Yoga Studio OB 4839 Voltaire St San Diego, CA (map)

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Your soul is like a golden thread strung with shimmering pearls of lifetimes where you have lived, learned, loved, lost, and much more. What if you could accelerate your personal growth by journeying to these lives, to clear away stuck energy you carried into this life, and bring forward any wisdom and gifts to support your journey?

Past Life Regression Therapy has been used for over 30 years to support people in accessing healing or insight related to:

~ trauma
~ phobias
~ destructive patterns
~ relationship issues
~ medically unexplainable or treatment resistant pain, illness, etc 

This powerful modality helps us get beyond our day to day Ego self, and connect in with the transcendent Soul self. No prior experience with hypnosis is required for this workshop. In fact, it's not even a requirement to believe in reincarnation or past lives in order to have an insightful experience. All that's truly needed is an open mind and a curious spirit! The rest will unfold from your own deep inner wisdom. 

In this two hour workshop with certified clinical hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner Tess Meissner, you will:

-learn the various therapeutic uses for Past Life Regression Therapy

-be guided in a group regression addressing a current life issue, question or situation

-share in a safe circle of like minded/hearted individuals

When: 4/13/19

Time: 6-8pm

Price: $30

Register through Riff’s Yoga Studio Here!