Healing Through Time with Past Life Regression Therapy

Recently, one of my clients asked me, “Do you really believe that stuff's for real? That we’ve had other lives and come back?”

In a nutshell.... yes. 

In a nutshell.... yes. 

To both the logical and intuitive parts of my being, reincarnation and the existence of lives beyond this one just feels right, and makes sense. And in the appropriate space/time (say, not in the middle of a session), I’m excited to philosophize and dream about what might be possible in an infinite universe (infinite being the operative word here). However, my job as a hypnotherapist isnt to convince anyone of anything with respect to the existence of past lives. There are other people in other lines of work who are focusing on the proving or disproving of that theory. And while I’m fascinated by it, I’m sure glad that’s not my job! Collecting even the most interesting data just isnt what I was born to do.  (For a reading list of resources to explore some of the evidence supporting past lives, see the end of this blog!)

For those souls who are curious about the theories behind how past life regression “works” as a methodology, below is a quick-and-dirty on the leading ideas. They’re conveniently organized on a spectrum from “unlikely to believe in unicorns, aliens, spirit guides and parallel dimensions” to “people who literally believe in parallel dimensions.”

Crypto-amnesia - the unconscious mind acts like a tape recorder of all that it experiences. It splices together a constellation or story from all of the things it’s gathered over our lifetime from books, tv, news, overheard conversations, etc.


Biological/Genetic Memory - encoded information coming through our DNA from our ancestors. Scientists have tracked mitochondrial DNA (which is only passed down through mothers) back to a single maternal source. It is now believed that, whatever our race, all living humans are connected via an unbroken genetic line on the maternal side to this single Mitochondrial “Eve.”


Imagination - a story made up through our own creativity, the same way we might make up a daydream. This is then overlayed on our present situation.

Metaphor - similar to the imagination theory - made up from our mind as a symbolic story to help us with the present situation.


Archetypes - drawn from Jungian psychology. Our unconscious mind is inherently connected to the collective unconscious, where we have access to the archetypal energies that are encoded there (ie The Fool, The Warrior, The Victim, The Mother, etc). With these, our subconscious creates a story to support is in understanding our present situation.


Reincarnation - we’ve experience lives before this one, and come back through a cycle of karma to learn, evolve and balance, spiritually. The belief in reincarnation shows up in many faiths and spiritual paths, including early Christianity and Jewish and Christian mysticism.


Transmigration - not only have we experienced lives before this, but some of those have been non-human lives; and, we might in the future come back as animals, plants, or even elements.


Parallel lives - the theory that we live in a holographic universe in which our soul is simultaneously experiencing every possible expression of this life, all at the same time. Through regression, we tap into another life running in parallel to our own, which we then label as a “past” life. In this theory or Higher Self might be considered the “oversoul” which connects all parallel lives.


Granted, many of these theories overlap, and so they dont truly live on a 2 dimensional linear spectrum. But you get the idea… Ultimately it’s up to each Seeker to decide what feels like Truth to them. My only interest is in support people with their healing goals in the here and now. I use past life regression as a therapeutic modality because, quite simply, it works. Whether it’s the power of our personal subconscious to come up with just what we need for our healing journey; or, it’s a past life experience retrieved to help us with lessons of love, acceptance and forgiveness, does it really matter?

Now, curiosity is a great thing. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things, and a very valuable quality indeed. Particularly in self-healing work, the energy of curiosity is by far more helpful and momentum-building than, lets say, judgement and self-blame. *Lots* of people are curious about their past lives - if they’ve even had them, were they an Egyptian princess or King Henry VII, that sort of thing.

Does this mean someone else can do my chores?

Does this mean someone else can do my chores?

However, true past life regression therapy is most effective and healing when it’s approached as a therapeutic modality to support with an issue that has some charge around it.

Uses of Past Life Regression Therapy:

  • Relationship issue with a specific person/family system, etc
  • Repeating life patterns (ie in relationship, work, or anything else)
  • Health Issues such as chronic pain and chronic illness
  • Medical conditions that cant be diagnosed
  • Grief, loss and dying
  • Life purpose
  • Skill enhancement
  • Issues or questions of Spirituality
  • Fears and phobias
  • Obsessions
  • The big “Why me?” question (“Why did this happen?” “Why does this always happen?” and every other permutation…)

Just like it may take a series of hypnotherapy sessions to work through a present-life trauma or complex issue, it may take a series of past life regressions to work through a karmic pattern that has followed you from a number of lives into this one. Of course, some people get just what they need in one session!

If Past Life Regression Therapy is for you, you probably already know. Perhaps it’s a spark of curiosity, or a loud and clear YES. Or, perhaps you’ve tried everything else, and you’re still looking for answers. Whatever the case, lets talk.

Great reading resources about past lives and past life regression therapy:

  • Other Lives, Other Selves - Roger Woolger
  • Many Lives, Many Masters - Brian Weiss
  • You Have Been Here Before - Edith Fiore

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Tess Meissner